Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Big Break

It happened that my friend Anu asked me to get some information from this blog and that's when I remembered this blog exists, it's been so long that I had forgotten even the page address. Life has been quite busy for some time now that I couldn't make any interesting travels or write down anything lately. Though I had one or two trips after the Coorg expedition which I really wanted to write about, primarily about the one to Kudajadiri and Murudeshwar and another, a real wild one to Parambikulam. I had started writing about both but couldn't complete them and left those at that. After that I got too busy with chasing an aspiration and now I don't think I'll be able to make any trips soon or to jot down anything for another year. So if anyone really followed my blog, sorry to you guys but I'll promise to be back with a bang!! May be by around mid 2013 you will get to see more travelogues from me. I'm desperately waiting for those trips to happen. See you then....

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